This is a blog about what I think of as “webbing” – about all those things you do, work with and are concerned with as a blogger, web designer, web consultant and webmaster: Things like smart use of HTML, CSS and PHP, and new standards (like HTML5 and CSS3), Web design, site layouts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the like. And also about software and tools I use here and on other sites, perhaps especially WordPress (which I love).

The other type of posts here are book reviews. Basically about books dealing with a quite narrow range of subjects, more or less what I blog about and show code examples for. This is because I read books to learn new things or stay up to date. I view books as very important tools for learning: High quality sources of important information. So I read quite a lot and mostly write about them afterwards, hoping that my reviews can be of use for others and perhaps inspire people to read some more.

You can get in touch with me by email if you want, Peter (at) nekkidblogger.com. You can hire me too – I am quite fast and good. I code according to Web standards.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon, Google, 1 & 1, 3iX, and DIYThemes. Also, most of the books I review here I have received from the publishers as free review copies.

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