Master Your Mac, by Matt Cone

by Peter

It is interesting how the choices one makes affect interests and preferences. Take me, for example. A few months ago I bought my first Mac. A delicious new Macbook Pro Retina. Before I bought it, I cannot remember having been interested in how-to books where the subject to be mastered was the Mac. Now, I am quite interested in this type of book. Odd? Not so much: I know Windows, but I am still a beginner as far as my Mac is concerned, and I strongly dislike the feeling that I lack the knowledge to get the most out of my wonderful new machine.

Master Your MacAs it turns out, there are many similarities between Windows and OS X, so I am able to do a lot of things on my Mac on the basis of my knowledge of Windows. Even so, the differences are quite significant. The Macbook uses different programs. And the more «advanced» the things I want to do, the more different the Mac is from what I am used to.

Very soon I learned that there are things that are best handled in the «terminal» window in OS X. That’s the equivalent of the command window in Windows, and nobody uses that anymore! Installing things, such as activating the preinstalled Apache server in the Mac or logging directly on to my Web server: those and many other tasks are best accomplished using the terminal window and writing obscure Unix commands!

So while on the surface OS X is easy to use, unleashing the powerful features hidden beneath the pretty surface requires knowledge. That is exactly where a book such as Master Your Mac comes in. Matt Cone, the author, founded in 1999 and knows Mac inside out, and this book is full of smart tips, guides, and useful advice.
It is aptly subtitled "simple ways to tweak, customize, and secure os x".

If you, like me, want to take charge of your Mac and find the best tools, find hidden yet powerful and smart features, and make your Mac secure, then this is the book. It showed me how to start programs at startup, how to use macros and scripts, which security software to install and how to make my Mac safe. Other people may appreciate different things in the book – it is full of cool and important materials about backups, internet, wireless sharing, firewalls, disk permissions and lots and lots of other relevant information.

Master Your Mac is simply a great and very hands-on guide completely packed with tips and add-ons that make everything OS X and Mac faster, easier, and better. The book is well-written in a concise, to-the-point style. It is a book for people who are interested in and willing to move beyond the basics, perhaps what I would call advanced users. It’s a powerful inside guide to OS X and the whole cluster of technologies that makes your Mac such a powerful thing!

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