jQuery Mobile Cookbook, by Chetan K. Jain

by Peter

The jQuery Mobile framework is an award winning HTML5/CSS3 open source cross-platform. The jQuery team responded quickly to the challenges raised by the tremendous increase in Web browsing on mobile devices, and started to build this new specialized framework to meet the demand.

jQuery Mobile Cookbook, Chetan K. JainChetan Jain’s jQuery Mobile Cookbook, «Quick answers to common problems» as the front page states, is a book that presents over 100 recipes of jQuery mobile code, written in a simple and easy manner.

The format is straightforward and can be illustrated by an example (from pages 99-103). Say you want to use JSON content on your mobile website. That’s reasonable – there’s lots of JSON content out there. The book states the problem and first directs you to a file in the folder of code files that accompanies the book. Next, it shows a JSON file and shows how to read the data into a page on the mobile site. Following that, the author describes how the code works. This is good, but there could perhaps have been a little more discussion and advice. Then the section has two more nice and important subsections: «There is more», which in this case discusses another way to get the job done, and a short section «See also» which refers to how to work with XML instead of JSON.

This is a nice format for presenting information in a structured and problem-oriented fashion. In addition, jQuery Mobile Cookbook is also organized by 11 thematic chapters, which makes it easy to find coverage for similar problems to the one the reader is currently working on.

The tips address common everyday problems. You start by developing simple apps using various controls and learn to customize them. Later you explore using advanced aspects like configurations, events, and methods. Use caching to boost performance. Use custom transitions, icon sprites, styles, and themes.

To my mind this is a useful and solid book. I would say it is a problem-oriented introduction that is good for beginning users of jQuery or jQuery mobile, and maybe even for somewhat more advanced users. But it is not a book targeted specifically to advanced users. To my mind jQuery Mobile Cookbook is a good book for people who want to build a mobile version of their site using jQuery Mobile and for developers wanting to add some jQuery elements to their mobile site.

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