Learning jQuery 1.3, by Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

by Peter

Learning jQuery 1.3

Learning jQuery 1.3 is an introduction to the fabulously successful jQuery dialect of JavaScript. As the title indicates, it takes version 1.3 of jQuery as its point of reference. But even though version 1.3 now is in the past and we mostly use newer versions of jQuery, this book is still a valuable reference for those who, like me, are trying to learn jQuery.

Learning jQuery 1.3 is well written, clear and concise, and provides an introduction to jQuery that requires minimal programming experience. Throughout the book, Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg use good and relatively interesting examples to illustrate the use of various jQuery methods and approaches, and provide illuminating discussions of alternative ways of doing the same things, showing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In my opinion jQuery is the JavaScript technique that is the easiest to learn for Web Designers and Web Developers skilled in HTML and CSS. In addition, it is a very versatile and powerful library with extensive support and a large community of developers and plugins. It provides very useful and stable methods with excellent cross-browser support. However, even experienced programmers will be aided by its conceptual consistency.

Learning jQuery 1.3 is a relatively basic introduction to jQuery. If you already have some experience using jQuery, and have managed to write your first few applications or have been able to adapt plugins for your site, this most likely is not the book for you. Also, even though this is an introduction entitled “Learning jQuery”, it does not contain any exercises or study questions.

What I liked about this book, was not only the clarity and excellent use of examples, but also the great enthusiasm about jQuery that was on display throughout the book. In addition, I was, as are thousands of other users of jQuery, stunned by the power and simplicity: it is possible to achieve significant changes with just a very few lines of code! If you want your pages to be interactive, jQuery is most likely the way to go! And that means that Learning jQuery 1.3 may be a very useful book.

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