Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook, by Dan Cederholm

by Peter

This is the second – and substantially revised and expanded – Web Standards Solutions, by Dan Cederholmedition of Dan Cederholm’s best-selling Web Standards Solutions. Web Standards is a movement that is gathering strength among Web designers, and is increasingly embraced as the standard technology specifications enforced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make sure that web designers and browser manufacturers are using the same technology syntax. Dan Cederholm, a very well-known and excellent CSS guru, has long been in the forefront of this movement.

Standard solutions improve consistency, make redesign and changes of web sites easier and add robustness to web sites. Increasing adherence to standards also makes possible a smoother transition to new types of screen and viewing devices, such as screen readers for people with vision impairments, cell phones, PDFs, e-book readers, and what not. HTML, XML, XHTML and CSS are all such technologies.

This is a truly excellent book written by one of the best programmers and designers out there. I have used the previous edition of this book for a long time, and often gone back to it to find inspiration or solutions. A very useful book! And the new version is even better!

Web Standards Solutions is a great guide to understanding the advantages you can bring to your web pages by implementing web standards and precisely how to apply them.

Cederholm shows you how can use CSS to lay out your pages in excellent, solid designs that are flexible and look good across viewing platforms, as well as a number of smaller, neat and efficient techniques for producing great looking elements that go into the layout, all equally scalable and easily revisable as the layout itself.

  • The Expanded edition contains great bonus material.
  • Teaches how to use Web Standards effectively to build better web sites.
  • Cederholm’s “solutions style” promotes learning.

Web Standards Solutions has 16 short chapters, each covering the theory and practice of different web standards concepts and showing multiple solutions to given problems for easy learning. You’ll learn about multi-column layouts, using image replacement techniques to your best advantage, making the best use of tables and lists, and many more. Cederholm gives you advanced web design techniques and discusses important caveats.

This is a great book for people wanting to learn how to use CSS the right way, who wants good, solid workable and pretty looking solutions, and Web developers and designers wanting to learn standards-based techniques to improve their sites. Web Standards Solutions is very good investment, in my opinion!

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