HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition, by Thomas A. Powell

by Peter

This is a comprehensive reference which HTML & CSS, Thomas A. Powell covers all versions of HTML and CSS, including HTML5 and CSS3. It is written by a Web development expert who has participated in the development of the new standards, and who is very knowledgeable. I was very impressed by this book, which I think currently is the most comprehensive, complete and up to date reference book for CSS and HTML available. The book is an outstanding go-to guide for both for beginners and professional Web developers as it is fully updated for the latest CSS and XHTML standards and provides clear and concise examples.

The author, Thomas A. Powell, is president of PINT, Inc. (, a nationally recognized Web agency. He developed the Web Publishing Certificate program for the University of California, San Diego Extension and is an instructor for the Computer Science Department at UCSD. He is also the author of the previous bestselling editions of this book and Ajax: The Complete Reference, and co-author of JavaScript: The Complete Reference. This broad expertise and background has clearly been important in the writing of HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference.

This excellent book covers all the elements supported in today’s Web browsers–from the standard (X)HTML tags to the archaic and proprietary tags that may be encountered. HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition contains full details on CSS 2.1 as well as every proprietary and emerging CSS3 property currently supported. I was positively surprised by the width of the coverage of CSS3. It also has good annotated examples of correct markup and style which show you how to use all of these technologies to build impressive Web pages.

Also, CSS and XHTML: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition covers the newest browser versions including Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Safari and Opera, and contains much updated information about the browser and cross-browser compatibility of the various HTML and CSS elements. In addition, helpful appendixes cover the syntax of character entities, fonts, colors, and URLs.

I was very favorably impressed by this book. It is well written and well organized, and even though it is has more than 800 pages, very little space is wasted. CSS and XHTML: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition also contains good examples of useful Java. Overall the book is very up to date and so comprehensive that I think it will be useful for a long time, even though things change relatively fast as far as CSS and HTML is concerned. If you, like me, like to have a good reference book that is well organized, contains information on browser implementation and even some good examples, this is a very good choice which I strongly recommend!

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