CSS Web Site Design, by Eric A. Meyer

by Peter

CSS gives Web designers control over the appearance CSS Web Site Design, by Eric Meyer of their web sites by separating the visual presentation from the content. Eric A. Meyer, a Web Standards proponent and one of the most well known CSS wizards, has created an excellent hands-on training book that comes with a video tutorial and HTML/CSS files to be used to get hands on practice.

I really liked CSS Web Site Design and the training materials. Eric Meyer moves you back and forth, shows how minor changes to rules and syntax can affect the look and feel of a web page, and demonstrates the correct use of CSS in a very thoughtful manner. If you really want to learn by doing, I can hardly think of a better guy to instruct you than Eric Meyer!

The book teaches you to easily make minor changes to a site or perform a complete overhaul of the design. In CSS Web Site Design, leading industry expert Eric Meyer reviews the essentials of CSS, including selectors, the cascade, and inheritance. The training also covers how to build effective navigation, how to lay out pages, and how to work with typography, colors, backgrounds, and white space, all using a project-based approach. By the end of the training, viewers will have the tools to master professional site design. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

The setup is very professional, and easy to watch. Eric Meyer uses a made-up site, Javaco Tea, for teaching the CSS concepts. And, he goes through every detail, from masthead to footer, explaining how each piece works. And he really teaches you the latest techniques for designing Web sites with CSS.

The included CD-ROM is loaded with classroom-proven exercises and QuickTime training videos, and real-world projects take you through the Web page creation process, one step at a time. It has over 60 Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Using CSS and XHTML together
  • Learning essentials of selectors, inheritance, and the cascade
  • Creating CSS navigation
  • Laying out pages with CSS
  • Adding colors and backgrounds
  • Setting typography
  • Creating white space, margins, and borders
  • Creating tables
  • Styling for print
  • Plus much more

A great book, with great hands-on training, by a great author! It is expensive, but well worth it in terms of time you might save later on and mistakes you will avoid doing! (You can also buy it without the video training – but I recommend getting it with.)

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