New Norwegian law gives brothels in Denmark

by Peter

January 1, 2009, Norway banned the purchase of sexual services. Since then, the Danes have noticed that the number of brothels in northern Jutland has increased.

This obviously in an unforeseen consequence of the Norwegian ban. However, as the law only makes the purchase of sexual services illegal in Norway, but does not – presumably – reduce the desire or need for sex, it is not an illogical consequence. Politiken writes that

“We have observed that eight new brothels have opened in the northernmost part of the region after Norway’s ban on January 1. That is a lot up here. We don’t know for certain whether it’s because of more Norwegian customers, but we assume that the Norwegian ban is playing its part,” says Dep. Chief Sup. Frank Olsen of the North Jutland Police Force.

The Danish police believe that an increasing number of Norwegians take ferries from Norway to Hirtshals and Frederikshavn in Denmark and visit the brothels there.

In addition, the Danes have also witnessed an increase in the number of foreign prostitutes in the region.

In Norway, there is a growing opposition to the ban. There are a number of signs that it is not working very well. Also, it has driven the sex traffic underground and criminalized the whole business. And, it addition, representatives for the Norwegian prostitutes claim that is has deprived them of protection by the police, so that the prostitutes are now in a much more vulnerable position than before.

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