Do not upgrade to WordPress 2.8!

by Peter

If you are considering upgrading to WordPress 2.8, I seriously want to warn you: Do not do it! WordPress 2.8 may contain some improvements, but it is a major scandal!

I have been stupid enough to upgrade several of my blogs, and am currently paying dearly for it. I trusted WordPress as it has been great in the past. But the results are extremely bad for me.  Some older themes do not function as they should with the new version of WordPress. As well, a large number of widgets to not work. And in addition, some of the admin screens do not work either.

This has cost me a lot of money, as some “premium themes” which I have paid for will have to be thrown out and new ones installed. Also, it has cost me many, many hours of work.

WordPress does not communicate openly about this, and do not warn people of these major problems. In my opinion, this is extremely bad! I am deeply disappointed!

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